In the future, Gucci will dispense entirely with fur

The Italian luxury label Gucci, whose collections Furz had always played an important role, now makes a complete turn and will not do without animal fur.

When a managing director listens to the youth, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri questioned 150 young people, which would be a bad thing for the Gucci brand, and it turned out that the luxury company would completely abandon real fur in the future. We remember a company that has previously put on furry clothes and even put it into and on slippers or open shoes.

In addition, the label is officially part of the Fur Free Alliance and will neither be used nor presented in any way – as Stella McCartney, Armani or Calvin Klein already do. For the first time, this will be realized with the spring/summer collection 2018.

Conversations with designer Alessandro Michele have already existed for a long time and there are now also high-quality but animal-friendly alternatives that the company wants to use.