Out into nature with Chanel

It is astonishing how different the Chanel worlds can be from season to season – and how Karl Lagerfeld still manages to apply the Chanel style to it, so that it is now universal. It’s as if Lagerfeld showed us with every new collection, that Chanel can be everything and everywhere.

Because the differences between two ready-to-wear seasons (the haute couture in between, let us ignore this place – it is already a world of its own) is as big as now: While Karl Lagerfeld with us last season with the ” Agency Spatiale Gabrielle Chanel “literally went into space – even a rocket started at the end of the show – he took his guests into nature: a rock, a river and even a waterfall were built in the Grand Palais.

Some saw a tropical jungle, others a European, even a German forest. What is certain is certainly: it was a deliberately muted, yet extremely fresh mood – reflected in Lagerfeld’s collection. This was particularly evident in the colors of the collection, such as a mint green or a pastel yellow.

However, as always with Chanel, the use of unusual materials is just as important: This time, it is a transparent PVC, which is used on a large scale, for example on hats, capes or high boots. Although transparent boots are already in fashion thanks to Kanye West’s Yeezy and transparent capes on coats thanks to Raf Simons Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld adds his own point of view: it is his summer outdoor vision of Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld, with his shows for Chanel but not only with the fashion on the runway is a sign, but also with the model cast. His former favorites, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, did not belong to this time, but Kaia Gerber: she opened the show. So at the end of her first season on the catwalks is almost as clear that she will lead with just 16 years a new generation of Supermodels …