Update your makeup look with red lipstick. A boost for your mood!

“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack. Men hate women who weep, “said Coco Chanel. Mademoiselle Chanel gives us a golden tip for this rainy Monday (and for every other day of the week). Pick up that lipstick. It’s an instant boost for your mood and it makes your day better.

Red lipstick. The after-kiss effect
Red lipstick is also a trend this winter and no one will be surprised because red is the color for winter 2017 2018. Red lips, but in a modern version. It is time for an update of our formatting technique.

Update your formatting technique
Lipliner and lipstick are a no-no for the coming season. You touch the lipstick directly on your lips by tapping the stick against your lips, giving you an irregular and mottled effect (” sexy-dirty “, says makeup artist Miranda Joyce). You can also use your fingers to apply the lipstick. It’s about getting an after-kiss idea. Red stiff lips just kissed by a lover.

‘ There is a shadow of red for every woman ‘, Audrey Hepburn. So do not think that this red lipstick trend is nothing for you! You just have to find the right hue for you. This must fit your complexion, but especially with your personality. Some women may have bright red lips that have a strong, sexy and sometimes self-aggressive appearance. Dark types come well with dark red tones while softer types can better choose a reddish tint. By the way, the trend for this winter allows especially red tones with a blue undersigned, so more in the direction of wine red, berry red and raspberry red than brick red or orange-red.