How to choose the right Styles for Prom Dresses 2018

The return is coming, are you still worried about what you have to wear that day? Are you afraid of other girls are more beautiful than you? In fact, the return home is not only an opportunity to which all classmates get together after graduating from school for years, talking about their lives, the return is also an opportunity where people compare their lives between them. A person’s life a good life not only reflect his manners and words, it also reflects his dresses. So, if you want to show people the massage you are living a good life, you can not dress down, of course, too flashy dress is inappropriate, too. If you want to look fashionable and special formal party dress, then you must know how to choose the right promĀ  dress 2018.

Since these are clothing styles, everyone has their own preferences. Therefore, with intent or without intention, the clothes that people put on themselves will indicate a personalized tendency or a certain psychological state of these guys. Thus, it is very important for boys and girls to choose the right styles for their clothes. As we all know there is a party called Homecoming , which is known around the world Party Dresses of the Back . These young and young students have to pick up some 2018 homecoming dresses to make them look good.

In general, a girl who is gentle, calm and introverted would like to choose the special kind of clothes. These clothes are without too much contrast, and they are not too pure. Meanwhile, a girl who is active, enthusiastic and honest would tend to choose another style of clothing. These clothes are certainly with bright and multiple colours. Therefore, we can see that personality has an important influence on dress styles and colours. So, we could choose that our homecoming dresses 2018 according to our own characters.

Here are two classifications of dresses styles. First of all, I would like to introduce the neutral style. Neutral style appears the earliest came in the 1970s. So, this exaggerated style little by little, which belongs to the man suits, emerges in the field of women’s dresses. The dress style of women is established as a capable and intelligent female image. This kind of dress, is neutral clothing, is colored with low light and is in moderate purity. In particular, the dresses at will be in blue, the colour of the neutralization, the colonization and ration. With the blue colour, these clothes could make the impression of being able, haleness to others. So, a dominant girl can choose this kind of clothes. Secondly, I prefer to say something about the composite style. In a nutshell, this compound style is always breaking the existing style in order to create their particular style. Whether formal dress or fashion prom dress to return school or company is both important to make correct choose.

Update your makeup look with red lipstick. A boost for your mood!

“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack. Men hate women who weep, “said Coco Chanel. Mademoiselle Chanel gives us a golden tip for this rainy Monday (and for every other day of the week). Pick up that lipstick. It’s an instant boost for your mood and it makes your day better.

Red lipstick. The after-kiss effect
Red lipstick is also a trend this winter and no one will be surprised because red is the color for winter 2017 2018. Red lips, but in a modern version. It is time for an update of our formatting technique.

Update your formatting technique
Lipliner and lipstick are a no-no for the coming season. You touch the lipstick directly on your lips by tapping the stick against your lips, giving you an irregular and mottled effect (” sexy-dirty “, says makeup artist Miranda Joyce). You can also use your fingers to apply the lipstick. It’s about getting an after-kiss idea. Red stiff lips just kissed by a lover.

‘ There is a shadow of red for every woman ‘, Audrey Hepburn. So do not think that this red lipstick trend is nothing for you! You just have to find the right hue for you. This must fit your complexion, but especially with your personality. Some women may have bright red lips that have a strong, sexy and sometimes self-aggressive appearance. Dark types come well with dark red tones while softer types can better choose a reddish tint. By the way, the trend for this winter allows especially red tones with a blue undersigned, so more in the direction of wine red, berry red and raspberry red than brick red or orange-red.

In the future, Gucci will dispense entirely with fur

The Italian luxury label Gucci, whose collections Furz had always played an important role, now makes a complete turn and will not do without animal fur.

When a managing director listens to the youth, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri questioned 150 young people, which would be a bad thing for the Gucci brand, and it turned out that the luxury company would completely abandon real fur in the future. We remember a company that has previously put on furry clothes and even put it into and on slippers or open shoes.

In addition, the label is officially part of the Fur Free Alliance and will neither be used nor presented in any way – as Stella McCartney, Armani or Calvin Klein already do. For the first time, this will be realized with the spring/summer collection 2018.

Conversations with designer Alessandro Michele have already existed for a long time and there are now also high-quality but animal-friendly alternatives that the company wants to use.

Losing without diet. Some useful diet tips

The “non-diet” This article is intended for those who like to find their physical shape but who do not feel like eating a diet (you’re right!). Instead of a diet, we want to introduce you some rules that make it possible to lose excess kilograms in a simple and efficient way. Almost unnoticed.

Drink a lot of water.
That you can never drink too much water is a fact. And that helps water to discharge harmful substances and keeps metabolism on track is also a fact. And let’s not forget the “mechanical” effect that has water on our stomach. After a few glasses of water you have a full feeling. Your stomach communicates this feeling to your brain, with the result that we are less hungry. Perfect!

Try to find a solution to the issues or situations that cause you to eat too much.
Have you ever heard of “nervous hunger”? It’s not easy, but try to figure out why at times you feel so much in a lot of (and often fat) food. Analyze the situations and do not be afraid to face the truth. This self-analysis is not only good for your line, but can also bring about significant changes in your overall lifestyle.

Eat on a regular basis.
You can better take a small portion four or five times a day than you fill up one or two times a day. By regularly eating something, you keep your stomach busy and you will not feel hungry. This way you avoid eating bites. Often we do not even know after eating a bite, which has prompted us to enter a huge amount of food in a short period of time.

White dresses are not just the options: There are many more

The wedding season is going fast. You would be obliged to get wedding invitations. You can get easy shopping for beautiful long wedding dress, but if your little girl gets flower girl invitation or played no particular role, go shopping for a wedding being very specific. It becomes important to know the latest girl dress trends. There are very few who find it suitable for this purpose in the existing dress collection. The appearance of some depends on dress together so that it is very likely to get proper attire in the existing collection. In addition to this change of mode as fast as it is necessary to buy a new one. So, are you sure to buy real best sensible girl dresses with a price tag?

In most cases, the responsibility to buy girl dresses again for mothers. Most mothers think white dress is a must for special occasions. It’s a traditional concept. Until a few years ago, this straight and acceptable concept for most fashion-conscious women, girls and even clothing manufacturers white wedding dresses. With the passage of time, this concept has completely changed. Today, buyers will have to pay for the dress that can be used for other wedding occasions too. Judging this trend and consumers Brand behavior, dresses dress manufacturer offers the girl in different colors to remove all restrictions to buy only white dress. So, consumers have more options instead just to buy a white dress.

(Photo credits from Chicregina)

Choice of colors and white dress only depends on you. Both options have their advantages and their points less. The white dress needs more careful while colorful dress needs less care. The white color is suitable for most skin tones while other colors are not suitable for all skin tones. If you choose a colored dress, you must evaluate the suitability of your skin color girl. Apart from that, finding white dress fashion accessories compliments is easy and probably you can slip into your existing collection. While colorful dresses, you must be picky conscious.

This is not suitable for frequent use in ordinary cases while colorful dresses can be worn most often white dresses are more suitable for special occasions. It does not matter what kind of dress you buy; comfort, budget, assembly and fitness are important factors examined on the priority. Fashion and trends concerning come after the important factors. Buy the best suited to your personal shopping settings; to carefully determine the parameters.

Out into nature with Chanel

It is astonishing how different the Chanel worlds can be from season to season – and how Karl Lagerfeld still manages to apply the Chanel style to it, so that it is now universal. It’s as if Lagerfeld showed us with every new collection, that Chanel can be everything and everywhere.

Because the differences between two ready-to-wear seasons (the haute couture in between, let us ignore this place – it is already a world of its own) is as big as now: While Karl Lagerfeld with us last season with the ” Agency Spatiale Gabrielle Chanel “literally went into space – even a rocket started at the end of the show – he took his guests into nature: a rock, a river and even a waterfall were built in the Grand Palais.

Some saw a tropical jungle, others a European, even a German forest. What is certain is certainly: it was a deliberately muted, yet extremely fresh mood – reflected in Lagerfeld’s collection. This was particularly evident in the colors of the collection, such as a mint green or a pastel yellow.

However, as always with Chanel, the use of unusual materials is just as important: This time, it is a transparent PVC, which is used on a large scale, for example on hats, capes or high boots. Although transparent boots are already in fashion thanks to Kanye West’s Yeezy and transparent capes on coats thanks to Raf Simons Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld adds his own point of view: it is his summer outdoor vision of Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld, with his shows for Chanel but not only with the fashion on the runway is a sign, but also with the model cast. His former favorites, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, did not belong to this time, but Kaia Gerber: she opened the show. So at the end of her first season on the catwalks is almost as clear that she will lead with just 16 years a new generation of Supermodels …

Street style autumn 2017. Stylish in jeans

Straight jeans may come back again, for the time being, most fashionistas are still too wide. Wide, light and with a vintage look. And most preferably with a striking detail like the color difference – see the darker color on the side of the pants on the street style pictures below.

This street style photo also shows how stylish a pair of jeans can be. This look looks simple, but there is a lot of thinking and searching. The ankle boots, for example, have a light blue heel. The oversized blazer has wide-flared sleeves and a simple but original cut with oblique overlap without buttons in sight (if you look closely, you’ll see the pushbuttons on the inside of the blazer). The skinny top of the blazer also contributes to the ‘soberness’ of this street style look.

Take note of details like the dark nail polish and the big rings. A well-chosen bag completely eliminates this street style look. You do not even need to make a makeup. The power of this look is truly ‘ less is more ‘.

If you want to interpret this look in your own style and taste, take as a starting point the jeans and build your look around. Take care of everything in the details (hair, skin, nails, clothes) and go for that fashionista look!